What is the responsibility of the russian media for the deportation of Ukrainian children? – analysis of the National Council


According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, russia deported more than 19,5 thousand children to its territory from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. In this regard, russia used statements about their “rescue”, and for Ukraine, russia chose the tactic of defaming Ukraine in every possible way as acting against the interests of Ukrainian children. Manipulations, disinformation, attempts to shift responsibility to Ukraine and other countries, deliberate violation of international law and active involvement of their own mass media to form public opinion in support of their illegal policy – this is what the National Council discovered during the monitoring of russian resources on the topic of deportation of Ukrainian children. The media regulator prepared a report based on the results of its work, in which it was grounded not only on monitoring data, but also on the legal framework, including the international one.

Analytical report