How to Responsibly Use Artificial Intelligence: Guidelines Developed for Media


The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, jointly with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, and industry experts, have developed Guidelines on the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the news media. The goal is to brief Ukrainian journalists on current international practices in this field.

Among the key principles are transparency in the use of AI systems, clear separation between human-made and AI-generated content, prioritization of the human factor in content creation, and the role of media self-regulation in interacting with this technology.

“Artificial intelligence is actively used for industrial-scale content creation, including media. However, standards for interacting with neural networks are not yet fully defined. Therefore, we have developed guidelines that explain how media should cooperate with AI systems to avoid AI-related risks and prevent financial and reputational damage. From spreading fakes and misinformation to discrimination and social ranking, we want Ukrainian media to understand that AI is still a tool in human hands. It is largely imperfect, so it needs to be used responsibly in any work. How exactly — the answers are in the document,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development — Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

The document contains clear instructions on what media should pay attention to when choosing an AI system for work, as well as how to evaluate the ethics and accuracy of AI-generated content.

“Media pay a lot of attention to AI, and many use AI systems in their work. But as like any tool, it can be used not only for the benefit of society. We have already witnessed the creation of video materials with the obvious manipulative intent of misleading inexperienced consumers. We welcome the development of new technologies, but we strive for them to be helpful in work, not generators of fabricated information and videos or means of promoting harmful content. The use of any technology must be safe for the entire society, with clear rules for their application, as the security of the country’s information space depends on this,” said Olha Herasymiuk, Chair of the National Council.

The Guidelines on the responsible use of artificial intelligence in the news media are part of the implementation of the AI regulation roadmap in Ukraine. The document stipulates that the state will provide businesses with practical advice on how to prepare for future regulation in the AI field, and only after that will national legislation be adopted.

The document was developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation team in cooperation with the Expert Committee on AI Development in Ukraine under the Ministry of Digital Transformation and representatives of relevant public organizations and government bodies. In particular, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting, the NGO “DIGITAL SECURITY LAB UKRAINE” and the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law.

You can familiarize yourself with the Guidelines at the following link.